Furgether 2023


Date: 14. – 18. September 2021
Location: Camp Sibley, Oberdambach 11, 4461 Laussa, Austria
Participants: 100 persons from 7 different countries

Participant Map

Camp Sibley – Participant

Note: Not all participants have agreed to be displayed on the map. Therefore, the number of markers is less than the actual number of participants.


Want an overview what happend at Furgether 2023? Then take a look at the schedule (PDF).


Group photo by RyuxWolf (Blueksy)

Photos by RyuxWolf (Flickr Album, Blueksy)

Photos by Weidhas (Blueksy)

Wanna see more?
Here is the Flickr Album of Ekko (Blueksy).
Here is a Google Photos album with a lot more photos by many Furgether Participants.